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Oh my, eveyone has "MOVED" while I was gone !
Post by Nonie on Sep 30th, 2011, 4:00pm

Hello my dear SISTERS & FRIENDS ! I hope you have missed me as much as I have missed YOU ! ....... ALOT !!!

Guess you have all heard, I fell and broke my ankle back in July. It has been a 'roller-coaster' (to put it mildly) ride ever since.

First a hard cast, but that was poking my leg and causing sores, so because of the diabetes, they elected to take that cast off and put on a big, bulky HERMAN MUNSTER type boot cast on it, that goes from toes to knee. It is sooooooooooooo HEAVY ! I can take it off at night and sleep without it, but 1st time I tried , I turned over in the bed and accidently pushed with that foot (in my sleep I guess) and RE-BROKE the ankle !!!

They x-rayed it again about 3 weeks ago and as of then it was still not healing right and now they are saying another ... 3-4 MONTHS ... at least !!!

We wont even mention pain ... I think you can imagine that combined with the already abundant amount that I had from other issues. It has been/is kind of overwhelming most of the time, but I am greatful to GOD that I have been able to handle it most of the time. Sometime though, not so much, that is when the tears come. Mostly at night when no one can see or hear me. I have had some pretty soggy pillows lately. And a bit of the depression has started to creep in, but I am fighting that with all I have so that it does not become overwhelming. So far so good ! PRAISE GOD again !

Alot of challenges on the 'home front' as well. My brother Phil, lost his new job that he has only had for 3 months. Luckily he got a call today and will start a new job on monday. THAT problem solved .... but he came home in our old van and something happened that he wasnt paying attention or something , and he slammed into the back of our newer van and we think he may have totaled the old van . At 'best' he has done at least $5,000 damages to both cars. NO we didnt KILL him, but it was tempting ...

Wheewwww ... I am really tired now. I get worn out very, very , very easily now. I am still not used to typing on a laptop, so I make alot of mistakes and have to correct them and that takes time. I WILL try to come 'HOME' here as much as I can now . I have MISSED you ALL ! Please keep up the PRAYERS ! Phone calls are WELCOME and APPRECIATED , LOL ! It does get boring staying in bed so much !!! Celine has been so wonderful about calling almost every day, GOD bless her ! Tapmom, THANK YOU for the BEAUTIFUL card ! I am trying to get the modivation (having ALOT of trouble with THAT lately !) to write little greeting to everyone, as it is easier to do that than type sometimes, because of being able to get comfortable on the bed with the leg on these massive pillows and the boot/cast. I can only sit upright for short periods of time that way as the pain in my back and hips begin to crave attention. Emery did buy me a computer/laptop bed tray that has USB ports on it and even a light and I am going to try that soon. I am right now on a TV tray.


LOVE you ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much, much, LOVE & RESPECT, Nonie

Re: Oh my, eveyone has "MOVED" while I w
Post by 0Terri on Oct 1st, 2011, 04:37am

Nonie go to Registrations on new Forums, the clickable url is in the first post.