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xx Guidelines for Message Board Use
« Thread started on: Feb 23rd, 2004, 8:30pm »

User Guidelines for Our World Message Board

This message board has been established as a means of offering support and education about the invisible illnesses. We strive to maintain a nurturing, peaceful atmosphere where people may come and feel at ease to join in the conversations or ask questions of other members. To that end, we are establishing some guidelines to clarify acceptable and non-acceptable uses of our forum.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Discussions - It is acceptable to bring outside information about our diseases, or related diseases onto the forum. When doing so, please note where you obtained the information. It is also acceptable to bring various treatment discussions to the board, including those of a homeopathic nature. It is acceptable to bring discussions of pending legislation or improprieties in the health care system to this forum. Our General Board is utilized for any personal topics and the welcoming of new members. Our Place of Faith board is used for inspirational items, prayer requests and discussions of a religious nature.

In order to maintain the ideals held by our community, the following topics of discussion are not acceptable.

**Discussions of the use of illegal substances are not permitted.

**Spamming or advertisements for the sale of any product are not permitted.

**Topics as described, in detail, below.

Posts that discuss these issues will be removed from the board by a moderator.

Respect of Fellow Board Members - It is acceptable to disagree with other's opnions if it is done with respect for the other person, and in such a way as to not promote "flame wars". Confrontational posts, posts speaking of others race, religious beliefs or values in a derogatory manner, or posts speaking ill of any fellow members country and/or politics will not be allowed. The moderators will remove posts that, in their judgment, disrespect other board members.

Beyond FM/CFS Board - We do recognize that events in the world affect our health and welfare. For this reason, we have developed a board to discuss these issues. This is not to be used as a political arena. Discussion of current events and personal opinions is acceptable.

Moving Posts- The moderators, at their discretion, have the ability to move posts to a more appropriate section of the board. This allows a specific audience to read the post, generating appropriate responses. A notice stating that the post has been moved, and a link to the new location, will remain on the originating board for no less than one (1) day so members may follow the conversation.

Banning a Forum Member - Any moderator may ask for the banning of a member who chooses to disregard the guidelines of the board. Before a member is banned, they will be warned once (1), in writing, that their actions have been found inappropriate. If the member continues to upset the board, they will be restricted from posting for a period of three (3) days. If, after that time, the problem continues, a moderator will present evidence of the member's disruptive activities to the other Moderators and Administrators. They will then discuss the activity and, if warranted, will direct the moderator to ban said member.

Board Questions and Suggestions - As a member, you are free to ask questions of any moderator and make suggestions that you feel would better the message board. All questions will be answered to the best of the moderator's ability. All suggestions will be discussed by the Moderators and Administrators, for consideration.

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